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About Venezuela crypto usage

Hi guys, I'm Venezuelan living here.
I have been posting updates about the crypto situation here in Venezuela.
Usually the main trade amount is by Localbitcoin, the traded weekly there is around 500 BTC. From Bs. (Bolivares) to BTC and from BTC to Bs.
Considering the current situation of the country, where minimum monthly wage is around 5 USD (800,000 Bs.) and the goverment regulated some prices and one kilo of meat is around 700,000 Bs. (almost one month of wage) .
I think 500 BTC per week is a respectable amount. The usage of origin of these amount of money is not clear to me, I think miners, people get paid in BTC, people that send remitances to their families in Venezuela and so on.
Traki is a store like Sears maybe, the have been accepting cryptos for like a year they use a POS made by Cryptobuyer and I really don't understand how it works (I think you simple have to wait for the confirmation at least 1).
DASH has a great marketing team, they managed to KFC, Churchs Chicken, Papa Jhons and Subway to accept DASH in some locations. (A billboard in one of the main highways in Caracas)
There are some stores that sell mining hardware (I think they have some relation with the goverment, because mining here is dangerous the police dont like you to mine and if they found out you are easily a ramson victim), this is a news of that store now accepting BTC cash (by the way the only accept crypto payments) (in spanish)
About the PETRO:
About the WAGE and prices:
About LocalBITCOIN Volumes:

Any question AMA.
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